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Know Your Blood. MOVE your Blood. Give Your Blood.

Team Lizzie Bell teams up with My Girl Power Project, the Science Cheerleaders and SciStarter to launch 90 Day Global Challenge

By Donating Blood or Joining the National Marrow Registry you can help children whose lives are dependent on blood and marrow donations.

GET INVOLVED…It’s amazing what people can do when they work together.

Blood Donation There are many children who depend on blood donations because of burns, injuries, surgeries and more. Just one pint of blood donated from an adult will save up to three lives.  You can help by donating blood at your local blood donation center. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood or blood products.

Take a pinch for a kid. To schedule an appointment in your area call: 1-800-RED-CROSS Please make sure to let them know you are donating in honor of Lizzie Bell.

1) Find out from your Children's Hospital which blood center supplies their donated blood products.

2) Make your appointment with that center, donate blood 2-4 times a year.

3) ALWAYS bring a friend or two! 

4) EAT a meal, drink WATER before you donate.

5) Tell them, Lizzie Bell sent you! 

ALWAYS donate blood on World Blood Donor Day, June 14th! We hope to have a local drive the week of June 16th.  We will keep you posted.  Questions? Want to help! CONTACT US! 

Marrow Registry:

To Register on line:  Visit

* Make sure the promotion code GIVE is written in the promo code section of the online form

* Fill out the consent form. At the end of the online consent form, you may leave a donation of any size to help us continue our life-saving work

* A cheek swab kit will be mailed to your indicated home address. Simply follow the swabbing directions and return your kit in the mail. 

That’s it!