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    The future of the world passes through the hands of the family.

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    The John P. Bell Family Foundation is committed to providing resources for the many seasons of life.


    We are committed to funding programs in education, family strength and community health engagement.

    We support efforts that embrace hope when the unusual, out of the ordinary and unexpected happen in life.


    By including the grassroots caregiver and professional who continuously serves these families we can ensure that families today stay healthy, connected and thrive.


    The John P. Bell Family Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. EIN 47-0924234

  • Current Projects

    Focused on enriching health, education, and access to families, caregivers and girls across the entire spectrum of life

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    Team Lizzie Bell

    Blood Drives, Toy Drives, Pediatric Caregiver Enrichment & Research

    Mission - Team Lizzie Bell exists to raise awareness for the pediatric population in need of blood and marrow donations and to increase research for pediatric hematology/oncology and marrow failure syndromes.

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    My Girl Power™ Project

    Know your Voice, Own Your Health, Flex Your Wings & Leave Your Mark

    Mission - To prove that collaborative community focus on k-12 girls will significantly improve global economic and health scenarios within a single generation by focusing on getting more girls involved in Science, Arts, Sports, Health, Civics & Finance.

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    Face of a Champion® Project

    Custom Campaign Development that celebrates those who make a difference.

    Coming in 2016...stay tuned

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    Thank you in advance for your support!Please contact info@lizziebell.org for gifts and donations more than $1000.

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    Why Healthy Blood = Healthy Lives

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    By Donating Blood or Joining the National Marrow Registry you can help children whose lives are dependent on blood and marrow donations. GET INVOLVED…It’s amazing what people can do when they work together.   Blood Donation There are many children who depend on blood donations because of...
    Lizzie’s Loot™ is a program of Team Lizzie Bell that preserves the comfort of medically fragile kids with pediatric medical equipment, toys, and gift cards. To a child coping with a chronic, life threatening medical condition the hospital becomes a second home with frequent visits required for...
    Thanks for visiting my web site. I'm one of just 1000 people in the world with Diamond Blackfan Anemia. This is when bone marrow produces insufficient red blood cells for the body's needs, as a result, I used to have a blood transfusion every couple of weeks. I'm alive because people like YOU...
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